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Are You Ready to Purchase an Ultrasound Device?

Jeannine Noble PT, MS, RMSK

If you’re ready to start your point-of-care ultrasound learning journey or you’re ready to start practicing hands-on with your own handheld ultrasound device, there are many options to choose from. While Aeyr is device agnostic and does not promote one manufacturer over another, we want to provide you with a quick cheat sheet on the handheld ultrasound devices out there. If you are taking a Aeyr online ultrasound course, our courses can be completed with any handheld ultrasound device of your choosing. 

Explore your options and discover which ultrasound device fits your preferences.

Click the links below and learn more about each manufacturer’s handheld ultrasound devices. Some manufacturers have provided Aeyr discount codes to help our learners start their POCUS adoption. Don’t forget to utilize our promo codes where applicable! 

Butterfly iQ

Butterfly provides a single-probe handheld ultrasound device to scan out in the field. Use code WESTCOASTPOCUS at checkout.

Learn More About Butterfly iQ


Clarius HD3 offers a wireless handheld ultrasound device. Use discount code WCUI20 at checkout to save $50 off your purchase of any scanner or software until Dec 31st, 2023.

Learn More About Clarius

Vscan Air by GE

GE Healthcare offers a wireless whole-body handheld ultrasound device, called the Vscan Air for flexibility without being tied down to a cord.

Learn More About Vscan Air


Healcerion’s SONONseries provides a variety of wireless handheld ultrasound devices to choose from. Use discount code WCUIRENT or WCUIBUY at checkout to save on a rental or purchase.

Learn More About SONON

Lumify by Philips

Philips offers a variety of Lumifyhandheld ultrasound devices to fit your scanning needs. Including a broadband, linear, and curved transducer.

Learn More About Lumify

Looking to test drive an ultrasound device before diving into a purchase?

Aeyr offers limited 90-day rentals of ultrasound devices such as the Vscan Air and Butterfly iQ. Request a rental with us today to start learning by emailing us at global@wcui.edu

Jeannine Noble PT, MS, RMSK