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POCUS Pro is Now Powered by Aeyr

Aeyr Team

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce the acquisition of POCUS ProTM by Aeyr! POCUS ProTM is a web-based QI/QA tool that allows healthcare enterprises to outsource ongoing POCUS scan review, competency assessment, and mentorship to Aeyr experts.

Building upon Aeyr’s Online Courses and Live Training offerings, the acquisition of POCUS ProTM has expanded our commitment to provide comprehensive, digital training solutions for healthcare enterprises at every stage of the POCUS adoption cycle.

Whether your organization needs to develop a POCUS program from the bottom up or simply offload the burden of ongoing scan review to our experts, Aeyr offers cost-effective, accessible solutions that scale with your organization.


What is POCUS ProTM

POCUS ProTM allows healthcare providers to securely upload diagnostic images directly from their ultrasound machine to their POCUS ProTM account for feedback and competency assessment from Aeyr experts.​ Leveraging standardized assessment methods, Aeyr experts review submitted exams and provide reliable feedback that teams can trust. ​

For healthcare providers, POCUS ProTM is a portable mentor that helps providers perfect their POCUS skills and prepares them to submit POCUS cases for accreditation and billing. ​

For Healthcare educators and administrators, POCUS ProTM offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for providing their learners with ongoing mentorship. Additionally, POCUS ProTM functions as a tool for monitoring the health of POCUS training programs by allowing healthcare leaders to benchmark users’ POCUS competency and monitor improvement overtime.

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How is POCUS ProTM a Game-Changer for POCUS Training? 

One of the largest barriers to successful POCUS adoption is a lack of POCUS credentialed experts available to provide the oversight and ongoing mentorship learners need to master POCUS skills. ​While asynchronous education and weekend workshops are necessary for setting foundational POCUS knowledge, POCUS mastery is a refined skill that is acquired over several hours of clinical practice. ​

Without sufficient oversight or ongoing quality review, healthcare providers at the beginning of their POCUS journey are liable to make scanning and diagnostic mistakes that go uncorrected. Subpar image acquisition and faulty diagnosis, gone unchecked, deteriorate the quality of patient care and put healthcare enterprises at risk, particularly when providers with poor POCUS habits begin training other providers.

POCUS ProTM addresses this problem by offering individuals and enterprises a personalized QI/QA solution that provides the ongoing POCUS mentorship needed to master POCUS skills, improve patient care, pursue credentialing, and reliably bill insurance for reimbursement.

We understand the challenges that accompany POCUS adoption and the risks associated with imaging and diagnosis. With Aeyr and POCUS ProTM, these challenges become opportunities for growth and excellence.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards a future where every healthcare provider has the tools, mentorship, and support they need to deliver superior patient care through POCUS.

Aeyr Team